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Please visit this blog of the most incredible family I have come in contact with in some time.
The strength ad courage it takes to master any kind of coping skills like this is pure love. Pure simple love.
Many of you do not know that I nearly lost my own daughter two yrs ago, Being in ICU fo 5 days just about did me in. My complete wonder and amazement that this mother blogs and shares their story is nothing short of the most impressive generosity I’ve had the distinct pleasure of coming across.
I encourage you to lend her a happy hello- a bit of kind support.


When something is funny but not funny, I think it falls into the category of slapstick, or black, comedy. Like this poor little pigeon outside the hospital, in amongst all the rubbish of urban, but having a ball!

Yesterday, when I left the hospital to come home to the farm, Son was still pretty ‘out of it’ and unable to move or eat. My mother took over staying with him and rang me later to say that he was like Lazarus in the afternoon and the physiotherapists and pain team were able to wind the bed up so he was nearly sitting up. He gobbled his lunch and didn’t vomit so all was going very well.

Late this morning, however, I found out that in the middle of the night he’d hallucinated. Here is a paraphrase of what Son told me on the phone:

“Oh Mum, I thought I was in a…

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