Sunday Night February Tradition


The Grammys have been a tradition of mine on Sunday evening for half a century now. When I say that out loud it rather stunned me. Granted the first maybe 3 or 4 years as a young musical artist fan’s life all that fascinated me was just the music. The rhythm, the bass, the percussion, the lead and the vocals. As years went on I found much more to justify making an evening out of the awards celebration in front of my television.

Much has changed during the Grammy Awards. Much has stayed the same. One of the things that have changed for me is I am watching the Awards on a much larger set, with a better speakers and woofers than I ever did some 50 years ago. That’s for sure.

One thing that has never changed in all the Sundays that I set aside for this event is that I always come away knowing and loving new artists. New to me.

I’m not writing about the winners. Per Se. There will be enough critics to go around. All though how can I avoid mentioning the fantastic voice of Adele? And didn’t her voice sound just as strong as ever? Seeing Cover Bands opening for the Beach Boys doing Beach Boy music was a hoot for me. God bless the Boys spirits and sense of humors. Al Jardine, Mile Love & my love, Brian Wilson looked pretty good to me. Leaving me with more “Good Vibrations” 40 plus years later and a my mind rushing back to those memories of tween and teen years.

Paul McCartney still has what he has always had. Not my fave of the fab four but he is one of the Beatles. Takes me back too being a young girl who was their fan.  He has the ability to bring back the days of being a “Teeny Bopper” and swooning each time my girlfriends and I heard the  FAB Four sing. The piece of music Paul sang for the Grammy s  tonight is such an incredibly delightful expression of how our generation has matured and mellowed. I loved it!  Very much a timely piece.

One performer told me through his music I am getting older. Chris Brown is a very talented man. I have two daughters who had introduced me to his style of music years ago. He’s vivacious, tenacious and at time quite luscious. I am afraid I hate to even admit this, but he had me rolling my eyes at the ceiling I’m sure, grateful my adult daughters were not watching this years Grammy’s with me.  It’s not that I do not hear his music as talent or that he is an amazing performer. How does one have that much energy? And on stage no less.

I reminded myself just how much my own mother would shake her head when I came running from my bedroom as soon as I heard the first opening chord to a Rolling Stones performance on the Ed Sullivan Show. Also on a Sunday evening.

The evening did me in when the tribute to Glen Campbell started. The lump in my throat became even larger, and with each tune no matter that it was not Glen performing them I found myself harmonizing along. Didn’t you? Even if Pop Radio Top 40 was never your thing I know you have not listened to music all your life without at one point hearing Glenn’s music. His lyrics and music sometimes being written by other artist from those days such as John Hartford and Jimmy Webb I know are ones that you are no doubt very familiar with.  What decent girl did not mourn for her lost love over some of the most iconic love songs of our time.

Music all genres – have always touched me, spoken its language to me with never a foreign word. I grew up listening to one parent dig Big Bands, Scorchers like Frank Sinatra and even Dean Martin. I had another who was very much into country and bluegrass. I am so grateful for them both. Add to the mix my older brothers love of hard “acid” rock bands like The Doors, Pink Floyd, Iron Butterfly and my personal faves of the San Francisco music scene in the 60’s & 70’s Quick Silver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane & Its a Beautiful Day to name q few  of my  own eclectic love of all and any sounds of music.

Loved the finale with Joe Walsh on lead. Joe Walsh from the early James Gang days is the classic rock that I am most enamored with. Then and even today. The riffs that man can pull out of his sleeve still make my toes tap and my body want to get up and dance the night away like I was 21 yrs old again.

Thanks Joe & Paul! You neither one have lost one string along the way..

Listening to Adele perform tonight created a feeling of such gracious love for music. For all music that I may have never lost, but it certainly has been dimmed over  the years.  To think this woman’s voice may have never been able to hit those octaves that makes my knees go weak again took my breath away.

Losing Amy Winehouse , Phoebe Snow and Whitney Houston in this last year (just to name a few of the vast too many) caused me to stop. To take pause that something so vital to our every part of our lives and even our well beings could be lost. Just like that!

I did cry. I cried for Whitney tonight. I cried for Amy. And I found myself sobbing for the losses we took this year in the music world and want them all to know……

           ♥ ♪♫♪ ♥♥ ♪♫♪ ♥      I will always love you.  !♥ ♪♫♪ ♥♥ ♪♫♪ ♥

You always will  Rock my world!

©tjhelser 2012

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