Rosie & Tony B…. Amy Winehouse.

Rosie O. Interviews Tony Bennett

February 13, 3012 



After the gentle urging from my friend/twin to give Rosie O’Donnell’ s show The Rosie Show on Oprah’s network  a second try I told her I would. I’m so glad she did. The first few times that I had watched it I was not too impressed.  But my Kentucky Twin assured me that Rosie’s entire format had changed.  I saw immediately from the TV guide that on her schedule for the day post the Grammy Awards was to be Tony Bennett, there was no arm twisting needed. In order of clarity I should mention I really like Rosie O. I just did not like her show’s prior format. I am not int talent shows, or variety shows. Either name described her shows format that turned me off.  Not Rosie.

I adore Tony B. He has been a man whose voice and choice of music has always made me swoon. Literally! I’ll know my readers ages if they are not aware what swooning is, or if they laugh. Its true rock n roll, and folk music were more my thing. But when I was a teen I would hide behind my bedroom door with little stereo and 45rpm records that had the artist’s hit single on one side and the flip side usually was some little unknown gem. Hiding behind my bedroom door letting every dramatic emotion and angst a teen girl can feel come weeping down my face and outside my heart to the voice and music of Tony Bennett. And truth be known I was singing right along with him to all the show tunes and songs from musicals even this small town Oregon girl I would one day want to see live.

“Anybody who spends their life  trying to make people feel good will live longer. Tony B is 85 years old! “

That was a quote that Tony B quoted “from some philosophical book” he’s reading. It was just such a perfect quote for him to use. Making people happy. Wow!  That this amazing man did and still does. One of things I find incredibly stunning about Tony B is that he does not have just one generation of followers. Nope. He has managed to incite, entice, and inspire one generation after another. My granddaughter who is 19 tells me that Tony B is “Classic”. I think that means he is groovy, and not so much he is like a classic car. But I could have misinterpreted. Don’t hold me to it.

Born Anthony Dominick Benedetto; August 3, 1926)  85 years old &  70 albums later is still the young man who started his singing career as a table side singer in an Italian restaurant in New York City. He served in WW ll as an infantryman and towards the end of his army career orchestrated performed for the troops every Friday night.

Tony B’s genre of music is not hard to love. From old stand byes that we could sing with our grand parents to show tunes, pop music and jazz he has a voice that still today knocks my socks off. And I am talking knee-high socks. Some of my most favorite dance music is Tony B’s music.

Rosie interviews Tony B in and around his lower Manhattan apartment. She was the same outstanding interviewer that I’d known her to be and seemed back in her saddle with her shows new format. She asked him questions I would have asked, got him to speak of all the different musical artists and masters that he has had the privilege to work with. His words, he had the privilege to work with This worlds beloved Whitney Houston, to a list of other now famous and well-known famous MTV stars.

Two segments of the hour-long interview I was the most pleased with. Tony B’s paintings and his time in the recording studio with Amy Winehouse. I am still hardly able to talk about Amy Winehouse without tearing up.  But that is a whole different show folks. I am a huge fan of Amy Winehouse’ music and her voice. Not always being a pure jazz lover just for jazz sake I became completely enamored with the genre of music after hearing Amy W. sing her version of “Will You Still Love Me”   and was hooked forever. For many personal reasons her music & life story is something that touches my life deeply and much too close for own liking Back to Back is such a thoroughly spell binding piece of music. The chorus is one I find myself humming all the time. Heck, her music I am humming all the time, it moves me and inspires me to move. . I relate to this song, not in a romantic way, but in a personal way non the less.

.Her song Rehab is one that I cannot even listen to. Not since I heard it when it hit the charts. A couple of times did it for me.  I love the music and hope one day I will be able to hear it without such it  touching so personally.  Without bring me to tears.

Tony B. saw her for the sweet, pure and lovely talented woman Amy was.  Not just the addict that she also struggled with until it took her life. He again was privileged to have worked with her. How amazing is that? A man of his high regard in his industry finds that working with artists new and old a privilege, an honor. Artists like Michael Buble” who just also happens to be one of all time newly favorite artists.

When I listen to artists today sing Tony”‘s music, Frank Sinatra music, I imagine myself sitting at a piano bar, drinking a Cosmo (I don’t drink), and wearing an evening dress.  (I am not the kind of lady who wears evening wear, unless pajamas count)   But a lady can dream, yes?

Thanks Rosie! I’m coming back.~And Mr Tony Bennett? You keep on Rocking on Sir!

[And in Rosie’s own words]

“Until next time everybody, Peace Out!”

©tjhelser 2012

7 thoughts on “Rosie & Tony B…. Amy Winehouse.

    • I know what you mean Kate about Rosie’s first show. I was not into it either after giving it a couple tries. Glad I changed my mind to see Tony B. I like Rosie’s new platform for her show, excited to see if she keeps it one on one. If so there is all likely hood some more amazing interviews will happen.

  1. Awwwww….so glad you caught the delightfully dapper Mr. Bennett on Ro’s show. Is’nt it sooooo much better……told ya so Sis ;)~ Ms O’Donnell is officially BACK in my book!!!

    Lovely review of the show btw~ And I totally concur with your vision of oneself while listening to that type of music…..I feel the same way, alas I’m like you…..but yes, we can Dream~

    • You were right on and as usual know me well. I loved every minute of the hour-minus commercials.Thank you DVR!

      Okay, it has to be a piano bar for one evening. We do not even need to dress, or drink. Just listen to Mr Tony B.

      • That would be so cool…..I saw on Ro’s FB fan page that she’s saying that she’ll be back with new shows on Feb 27th. So I’m guess it’ll be reruns til then…..just a HeadsUp~

    • It was such a great interview Maxi. He is such an impressive man and does such good things for his community. Founding and supporting prep art schools in NYC and now has programs going into all NYC schools, where it as been so lacking.
      Thank you for stopping by. Have a wonderful day!

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