Not happy with my blogs appearance I keep rearranging. I needed a new blueprint of what I was really looking for. Some real thoughts this time going into how I am choosing to arrange my bog rooms and their content.

Just like in my non-cyber world I am not truly comfortable until I feel I have everything just the way I like it. Just the way it allows me to think of it all, as comfortable.

I needed color I realized. It was missing from the last Theme Appearance I picked out. The lines were clean and sharp. I did not mind the way each aspect laid out but was not crazy about them. It felt organized which I like to some degree, but mostly it just felt too sterile for me. I need color in my life. Even on my blog apparently.Which if this is going to be home for where I write than it should feel like my home. A soft place to fall.

As I typically do when I make any changes in my life, I have considered making it for some time. Maybe in the eyes of those closest to me I consider much too long. I want to make a choice I will not regret. One I can live with.  Do not we all? Really! Yet taking the time to consider could be keeping me from making some wonderful choices just by gut. That’s not always a bad thing.

My last housekeeping I did here on my bog was just that Gut Instinct. I had been browsing for a bit much like window shopping if you will. Even like car testing before purchasing if you will, as we are able to test drive the possible theme choices before deciding on the new. Or maybe deciding to keep the old dependable, I knew it like no other.  But I needed more room. I was ready to go from 3-door to 2-door. Just a bit more pizzazz I wanted to be able to add. Restrictions were keeping from making the changes and adding the pizzazz. I detest restrictions. Please do not tell me I cannot do something, because then I will just because.

I needed to make the changes in order to be content. The lack of color was one real big problem for me and because of the “home decor” I chose, my restrictions were too limited. I needed a whole revamp. I needed to look at just what it was I wanted and needed. I had to find for my heart and my soul so that I would be as comfortable as I needed to write. Part of my particular space includes my quiet room, no TV, maybe music. A comfortable and supportive way for both myself and for my laptop to sit. A place for my books that I need to keep near me where I write. And some of the photos and memory books that tell my family and my friends stories. I needed a plan. Time to make all the changes in each room,finding each aspect their own home.

And color, textures, and light…..

Maybe this will be it now. I have changed my appearance 3 times in maybe a years time. It’s really no different from how often I may rearrange my furniture. Maybe it is one of those somethings that your own mom did and it seems that you have embraced it. I have embraced it. I remember hearing my dad often telling his friends that he was “afraid to get up and go to the bathroom at night for fear that when he comes back to bed he’ll trip because Penny (mom’s name) was rearranging the house again!” It was true that she did rearrange all the time. Just as you knew where things belonged she was up rearranging them again. Maybe her way to keep her family on their toes?

So maybe this is where I get it from. I have no clue nor do I care where it came from. It just is. For my family & friends that know me they know what it is like when I move into a new home. They put up with the drinking glasses being put in a different place. They know it can take me a long time to settle in to where I am comfortable.

Looking to be comfortable.  Looking to feel organized.

Maybe I got it this time.


©tjhelser 2012

4 thoughts on “Re-Re-Rearranging

  1. I think I like this layout and theme the best so far. I wanted to say thanks for sharing your comments on my blog too 🙂

    • Thank you so very much Mollie! I am really grateful to hear this about now. You know how you can second guess yourself? It was just awesome that you helped validate my writing for me.
      Please keep coming back.

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