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Invitation to Passing Notes. Part 2 of 2~ Come play

Below is the  part of the content in part 1 of 2. If passing notes strikes a chord join in please.

To see part 1 and to read my note I am passing, go to my post @

I realized that while having so much fun playing by passing notes and trying not to get caught I left off a rule. A good rule too. I should have passed this note of mine on to at least 3 other people who have no idea we are meeting like this again. For many of us this is the first time since finishing school.

I also found this cool site on note on How to Pass a Note in class Thought it would add another elemental interest.

[tongue in cheek she says: “So to be in complete compliance and to add more volume to the notes being passed I am alerting three mates to join in the fun. I cannot wait to see their notes being passed and will keep my fingers and toes crossed that the boys coach does not catch anyone.”

Okay my 3 mates who I’d love to get in trouble with are……drum roll please….

And I have to add one more because I know this person would be a blast to hang out with.

So my dear mates get writing straight away and start passing them notes around. And plueeeezzzeee do not get caught! If you do you must eat your note before you will soon begin to sizzle and all evidence will go up in smoke!  Have fun!

Remember getting in trouble for passing notes to your friends and they back to you? The teacher always intervening and disrupting the pass?

If so, and you were somewhat a fan of passing notes read on. If you have not passed notes in class before you are in for some cyber delight of the same thing. If you were one who was not so much into it and waffled back and forth as long as you are not going to be turning anyone of us in, read on.

It’s the cyber version for adults, or ahem.. kids that are still growing up. Like me. And then there is the awesome opportunity to write. Like you or I need any excuse but its fun to change things up a bit every so often. And this does, this did, do that  for me.

The directions or How to:

In your notebook, (remember notebook paper, wide or college ruled. Your choice.  And then list the following:

1.What is your name?

2.Blog URL?

3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

4  Favorite quote?

5,  Favorite song? (at the moment)

6.  Favorite band/musician/singer? (at the moment)

7.  Say anything you want

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