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Note-Passing via WordPress

Remember getting in trouble for passing notes to your friends and they back to you? The teacher always intervening and disrupting the pass?

If so, and you were somewhat a fan of passing notes read on. If you have not passed notes in class before you are in for some cyber delight of the same thing. If you were one who was not so much into it and waffled back and forth as long as you are not going to be turning anyone of us in, read on.

It’s the cyber version for adults, or ahem.. kids that are still growing up. Like me. And then there is the awesome opportunity to write. Like you or I need any excuse but its fun to change things up a bit every so often. And this does this did that for me.

What fun!

Thank you destruwoman @ the Comic Carousel for passing the idea on in your blog.  Fun & creative way to get to someone a bit further. Very cool.

If you have not been by this incredibly deeply souled woman’s blog I recommend it with passion & honesty when I say that reading her posts, seeing some of her art work, her poetry & stories  will certainly leave with a whole to think about. And isn’t that kind of the point after all?

Destruwoman can be found @

To play along with passing notes in school please try to adhere by the semi-rules or directions below.  It’s worth a try anyway…

My note I’m passing to you is below the directions.

In your notebook, (remember notebook paper, wide or college ruled. Your choice.  And then list the following:

1.What is your name?

2.Blog URL?

3. Write: The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

4  Favorite quote?

5,  Favorite song? (at the moment)

6.  Favorite band/musician/singer? (at the moment)

7.  Say anything you want

8.  Tag 3-5 bloggers

Post your list & leave a link in the comments section below…