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Another FaceBook UN-LIKED Post

Yet another view on Facebook. I like this bloggers points so much I had to reblog.

Read on to see what this bloggers has to share about FB.

Moment Matters

Fact: there are more people in Facebook than there were on planet 200 years ago.

Why You Have Facebook

There are one billion Facebook accounts. While the main use of the social networking site was to ‘connect’, they have seduced us to keep coming back more than once a day. The company itself reported that more the 50% of Facebook active users log in daily. ‘Connect’ is a broad vision, but there are more specific reasons why we keep on letting Facebook trick us to burn something we never know how much we have, time.

1. Need to be social

We are indeed social beings. From the very start of human existence, we long for involvement. We wanted to be part of a group or conversation. And it seems like everybody has Facebook so you don’t want to be left behind.

2. Ease of chat communication

Facebook poses an easy…

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