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Spammers attack Sam Flowers. Again!

Yep! Their at it again, those pesky spammers that attack WordPress blogs. In particular Sam Flowers Blog. And I cannot restrain myself from sharing with my followers. And giggling.

If you have been following along with this blog or better yet Sam Flowers blog @  then you know what fun he has been having at spammers expense. And why not I ask? Think of the time wasted in dealing with spam in our comments. Sam has the wonderful attitude of discovering fun even in spam. I am enjoying his tongue in cheek post and those who comment.

This morning takes the cake.

You can read below the one that struck something in Sam and struck the funny bone in this baroness’s morning. I am not exaggerating when I say it had me rolling with laughter. Just not saying where I was rolling at. But I am still giggling as I write this.

The word “IRONY” strikes a chord.

Thank again Sam!  You’re the best for letting me share



19 Responses to “WordPress Spam – Gobble The Gook”

The most fitting of all comments about this post about spam was received today. In my spam filter. Yes I had been looking daily in anticipation! And here it is. The final seal of approval!

It is from Brady Hartzell. Take it away Brady.

“this style of writing is a correct skill and art form! great work I commend anybody with a skill at writing for example yours”. I could not agree more Brady, and may I add, the same to you.

Posted by Sam Flowers | January 17, 2012, 12:41 pm

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Sam’s entire post can be read at :


Now go ahead, go out and spam..ahem.. I mean play!