Daytone Winter Tesing 2012

Kevin Harvick Says via his Facebook:

Getting closer and closer to the Daytona 500!

NASCAR Winter testing in Daytona and I could not be more excited. This means that we are less than a month away from Daytona 2012 Speed Week and the opening race the Daytona 500.

I am a big, no make that HUGE NASCAR FAN. It is the one sport I never miss. If I cannot be home to watch the race I DVR the race. I’ve been  a fan of stock car racing since a young girl when my big brother raced at the Portland [Oregon ] Racing International Speedway The  PRI.  My brother ran a 67 goat, for those unaware this is a 1967 GTO, my favorite muscle car at the time. I to this day can recall t smell of rubber and the roar of all those horses put together in one track. I love it! Gives my skin goose bumps.

So the start of the 2012 season is just around the corner and this is the year that a driver will win his or hers  first ever Chase. His or her first Nascar Championship. This is the year that my driver, #29, Kevin “Happy” Harvick will take home that chase trophy. I have confidence in him, I have faith in his team.

Kevin took over the ride for team owner Richard Childress right after my long time Fave Dale Earnhardt Sr died in a crash at Daytona that we all that he was going to walk away from. We’d seen much worse. But even as the race continued and the commentators spoke Dale was dead. Dead from an odd crash that broke his neck. Since then because of what happened there has now been a new rule put into place. No driver can drive without what is called a Hans Device. It is a heavy-duty seat belt constructed to brace a driver’s head and neck intact to his head rest. Although it limits a drivers range of motion and there for creating blind spots it saves lives. NASCAR had not demanded these devices as a rule until after this awful tragic wreck. This device and new safety barrier walls put in place have greatly reduced the risk of severe injury or like in dale’s case, worse.

And the drivers need these kind of safety implements now more than ever. 2912 winter testing found the drivers reaching seeds of 205 mph with no effort. Granted this is a speedway they are on, and the smaller half mile tracks will never allow them to reach these speeds. But the speedways will. How exciting! I have not heard that NASCAR will attempt to “muffle” or restrict these speeds, but by race day we all know that they could very well come up with a restrictor plate to put over the carburetor to act as a governor and reduce the speed they are capable of. We’ll have to wait and see.

But it’s going to be one hell of a NASCAR season in my opinion. Now let’s get er done…. Boogity, Boogity, B, as our favorite NASCAR voice , Darryl Waltrip, aka DW starts every race in the winter and early spring.

And can I just say that I detest that other networks get in on the action of broadcasting the races. And that I myself would prefer to that they stick with Fox all season long.

Just saying….

©tjhelser 2012

6 thoughts on “Daytone Winter Tesing 2012

  1. I’d love to know how you got to be so engrossed in NASCAR. We pass the Dover speedway when we drive through Delaware on our way up to Boston. Do they race the same kind of cars there? As you can tell, I know nothing about racing, though my husband took me to a little local stock car race in rural Connecticut one year. The rumbling was so frantic, I went into labor the next day. Coincidence? I think not!

    • Love that you stopped by and commented on this post! And your question is a good one.
      I grew up with an older brother who was into stock car racing, and I myself have a love for speed.
      A Lot of people believe NASCAR or racing on an oval track is just about going in circles. Not so. There is so much strategy involved, rules and a point system through out the season, the cars are phenomenal pieces of engineering genius. I love the sound, the feel of the ground running under my feet, the smell of burning rubber,
      I also like that although very competitive sport, and one where the drivers are just as much athletes as contact sport, they are not having body to body to contacts and assaults. They swap paint & metal instead.

      And then there is the strong family feel & connections that are not just talked about by the drivers, the teams, the owners, all encouraging for the walk in life to be Family First. They are quite a faithful group too.
      I hope this gives you a small sense of what why I am so passionate about Nascar.

      • I forgot to add, and only am recalling now about you driving by Dover. This is one of my all time fave tracks and when we get our act together enough to actually start traveling out from the west coast to that area we fully intend on doing Dover. I’d love to go through the area during the fall. When the leaves are turning, on a train. This is on my bucket list…

      • Makes perfect sense now, Contessa. My kids grew up with a mother who played several instruments, and they are all musicians. Hope you get to Dover one fall, though I have to tell you, the trees aren’t spectacular there. Are there any racetracks in New England?

  2. Thanks for stopping by Michael. Love that you are a fan too. I tried to watch as much as winter testing as I could just to hear the cars rumble and roar. I get so antsy for the sport by January.

    I am a big fan of both as well, I adored watching Coach Gibbs groom him as young driver and enjoy seeing the awesome man he is today. Carl is maybe the most even keyed driver in the sport. I like his sense of humor and gentle southern style.

    They put on one hell of a race last year. And looking back and realizing until that first race in the chase Smoke had not even been a contender.
    Such an awesome sport, things can change so fast. I thought Happy Harvick was going to be part of that drag race in the end. But was quite satisfied with such a thrilling end to an amazing season.

    #18 needs someone else in that seat, M & M’s needs a representative they can be proud of, not ashamed. Same for the sport. I get having the player everyone loves to hate, but…. this also needs to be someone else. Kyle Bush is a spoiled Prima Donna. Needs kicked to his bum

    It will be interesting to see what NASCAR will do to bring and keep those speeds down to the magic number 200mph. Despite the fact the engineers were successful in designing a car that stays grounded NASCAR still freaks with anything over 200.

  3. I am looking forward to it. I thought last years final race was incredible. I would have been happy with either outcome that day. “Smoke” has been my favourite since he began racing and the same with Carl. I have to say if this season is even close to last seasons thrills, I will be more than happy. I just hope Gibbs Racing finds a different driver for the M&M car (they are my fav candies).

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