Challenge Yourself Today Joy-Forwarding

Today I had the distinct pleasure of finding the most lovely challenge.

My blogging friend, Kate  who blogs under the pen name ” has this amazing out look on life. She has created this challenge for each of us of here at WordPress to tackle. What a wonderfully kind and fun thing to do. It will cost you little and give back in riches.

You can find Kate’s s link here to read the whole story.

A small excerpt to get your mind going, and your heart racing: from Kate’s blog.

“If you are willing to take up this challenge would you mind putting a comment on this post? I’d love to hear some of your attempts at joy-forwarding as we progress [whether or not they were immediately effective 🙂 ]. Today I intend to take my inner-Tigger out and spread some joy in unexpected places. I will let you know how it went. Have a joyous day. I hope you do some Joy-Forwarding. Thank you Barefoot Baroness for giving me the impetus to be brave enough to actually issue a direct challenge. Believe it or not, sometimes, even though I am very wordy, I also am a bit shy about stuff like that.”

Thanks Kate! I love this idea……. and say you let that Tigger out of the bag~

©tjhelser 2012

4 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself Today Joy-Forwarding

    • hi SynthZach,
      Thanks so much for stopping bu and commenting. You’re right about it being a perfect day, could not have put a wider smile on my face.
      I was truly humbled and touched by Kate’s shout for my blog. She is such a breath of fresh air.
      I look forward to visiting your blog, if you are a friend of Kate’s than I’d like you to be mine.
      Happy Joy-forwarding to you~

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