Look Out Maine! Here Comes The Lawmakers

I am worried!

SUI – ACPP: FDA Safe Use Initiative – Association of Chronic Pain Patients

The aim of the FDA’s Safe Use Initiative, launched in November 2009, is to reduce preventable drug-related adverse events. It seeks to bring …

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 Please read, then we’ll chat.
I have seen with my own eyes what is happening in the state of Washington when similar legislation was passed.
I am beginning to think that our Lawmakers have chosen chronic pain patients to be their secret weapon for the DRUG WAR. If they have laws in transition that look like something is being done to fight this war than all looks great, right? They are working on it. They are concerned?
I believe this is a way to look like we winning this war that has been going in the streets and homes our country for how many years. Have we made progress? In 20 years? In 30 years? Nope. So lets go after the people using these drugs of choice for addicts who legitimately have a reason and have their doctors eyes on them. Why? Because our names are readily available, our doctors have documentation showing who and when they prescribed to. Piece a cake.  
The lawmakers need to go back to the drawing board. I am not against having to show ID when I pick up my medications from a legal pharmacy with a legal prescription. None what so ever.
I agree too that there are people who have no business being prescribed these types of meds, doctors who have no business prescribing them, or anything.
I also agree that all medication at home should be kept in a lock box. No access to those who have no business accessing these meds.
As long as we sit back let these kinds of laws be passed we are in for another fight for our lives. That is what Chronic Pain is. The fight of your life just to be able to function. Imagine being a diabetic, your insulin is a street drug. Now lawmakers are putting the kind of restrictions on your medicine that makes it difficult if not possible to receive.
Now what do you do when your blood sugar is crashing?  Fruit juice? Will it be enough to stabilize your blood sugar in time? 
This is what a pain flair is like in comparison.  Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Tylenol, none will be enough in time.  And least you believe that pain cannot kill. I beg to differ. Do you kno what happens to blood pressure when sever in pain is not kept in check in time?
If you live in Maine write your congressman and women. Now!
©tjhelser 2012

2 thoughts on “Look Out Maine! Here Comes The Lawmakers

  1. Thank you Karen, and so nice to meet a sister in the fight to live well with C/pain.
    “Being made out to be the bad guys in prescription drug abuse war”
    Wow! You summed it perfectly, I like this and will quote you in another post no doubt.
    I am glad you found something to relate to, just maybe if we all unite our voices we will be heard. maybe…

  2. AMEN!!! As a chronic pain sufferer for the past 7+ years now these are my sentiments exactly! We suffer enough as it is with the debilitating pain and now we are being made out to be the bad guys in this prescription drug abuse war?! It was truly refreshing to read your post on this…

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