Archive | December 7, 2011

You Do Not Need A Bruise To Be Abused


Because I advocate and have been my entire adult life against child abuse of any kind please let me say that the need for acknowledgment that domestic abuse of any kind in front of, or in children lives leaves huge scars needs to be addressed much more. No one wants to talk about the children who are living with chaos in their world that leaves chaos in their hearts. Remember they had no say whose Star they were attached to. This is not their choice to live with violence of any kind in their lives. Or to suffer the yelling and hurtful screams by parents who forget in their own anger that their child even is there.  Hurtful, degrading intimidating, bullying, and cruel loud words leave scars just as deep. They are just not as visible as the black eyes,  or as the bruises.

Domestic abuse in front of children is child abuse!  Did you know that?

Of the many web sites designated for Domestic Abuse there are good ones, decent ones, and great ones. Then there are of course some I’d question their agenda. “Healing Wings Retreat’s” web site is a great resource. They are a non – profit organization advocating for the need for abuse to be stopped, maybe even in our life time’s. Can you imagine a world where there would be no one hitting another, no one intimidating another, taking away any hope for any kind of self-esteem.

I hope you’ll visit their site and add your name to mine and others who are pleading for the lives of our mothers, daughter’ sisters, nieces, best friend’s to be saved.  It doesn’t just happen next door.