1920’s Schooner Becomes Birthday Greeting


Above  please find my creations  for  one of my most favorite people in my life. This card is created  for my best friend forever, BFF, my husband
 He collects and loves his ships. He has an old sailor’s (he is a retired Naval Sailor) belief that if you keep a ship, any kind of image of a ship , such as  a painting, a 3D sculpture of a ship, or even a String Art ship done very early in 1970.   Keeping them all  on outside walls of your home  will keep away negative (read evil) spirits.
 Have no clue if it will work for everyone but for the most part my beloved’s ships have done a good job of keeping evil away from the inside of  our home.
So in honor of his birthday this past November
I created a card for him with…. drum roll please… … a ship…..of course. `920’s Schooner I’m told.
 (The ribbon layered behind the image  is from a swap box that I received from my twin in Florida.  Her contribution to D’s card )
 A funny but really lovely thing happened serendipitously regarding my BFF’s birthday cards. Because D is known for his love of ships my best friend here in town also created a hand-made card for D.
                                                                                       Another drum roll please…..
Yes Sir!  It was a stunning card with a ship’s image stamped on the front.
Both D & I found it to be one of the coolest gifts he’s ever received.

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