My granddaughter who admittedly is the most beautiful and gorgeous young woman I know today.  Because she’s in the mask I found the photo image of her an interesting studio of her personality. My granddaughter who I call Sweetpea is one of the most talented young person I know.. when I say young she is almost 19. OMGosh! Did I realize that until just now? No. I am still getting used to her being 18, going to college, living oon her own, supporting herself and her kitten. 19? Nope.

This pretty young woman is a talented young woman. She writes, she designs clothing and has since the time she could pick up a crayon, she is a photographer, and i am her biggest champion.

Funny, grandmother’s Brag Books are so different today.

2 thoughts on “DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!

  1. Wow….she sure looks grown-up here behind the mask! You obviously are so proud of her and excited about her future. I just hope she realizes how fortunate she is to have YOU in her corner cheering her on as one of her greatest fans! Bless you both~

    • She looks way too grown up. But she is so gorgeous I have to brag once in a while. I think she knows who is in her corner, but if she loses track she’ll one day recall those times. Those days.
      Thank you ” great auntie twin” for your kind and loving words.

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