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Kyle Bush~ Hammered Down by Nascar~ Enough?

Should Kyle Bush, #18 in the Nascar Sprint Cup Series be suspended for the rest of the 2011 Sprint Cup season? Should he lose out on the chance to be crowned the 2011 Champion?
[edited by author for clarity 11/1402011

That is the  BIG question for every Nasacar  fan, Nascar official, the media, the #18 team & Coach Joe Gibbs the team owner, the # 18 sponsors such as  M & M’s, and Kyle Bush’s family.  To be sure. With just two races to go to decide who the 2011 Champion will be.

  I am not on the fence about this.  But I am just a fan.  I know,.. he   was  running for the 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Championship.  But so was Truck Series driver Ron Hornaday # 33  running for the championship in the Nascar Truck Series. And I have no problem admitting (albeit being a  # 29 – Kevin Harvick’s  fan) that K Bush is a very talented driver. Extremely so.   But has himself convinced his smoke does not smell.  He has an awful attitude, has from day one.  An attitude Coach Gibbs  has tried to rein  in.  K Bush seemed to being trying.  Though the “Bad Kyle” still rides  shot-gun with him in whichever Nascar Series he is running in.  K Bush runs all three, Sprint Cup, Nationwide, & Truck.  And he’s ran them well.  He’s set so many different records that I can  hardly keep track.  K Bush seemed to have started this 2011 season with a new attitude,  he was a newlywed and everyone near him commented on what a great influence his new bride was for him.  I believe I even heard  Coach Gibbs sigh a great sigh of relief.

But Friday night in the Truck series Kyle  Bush set off into the corner rear fender of  another driver who just happens to be running for yet  another Nascar Series  Championship other than the Cup Series that K Bush was running for. ( A driver can choose only one of the three series to commit to at the beginning of the season,  for which he is running for the championship)  That would be the  Truck Championship that K Bush wrecked himself &  Ron Hornaday Friday night at the Texas  Motor Speedway.  Intentionally!  

Sure wrecks happen all the time, “Boys being Boys” and all.  And stock car racing involves bumping into each other’s cars,  swapping paint,   and not being able to “whoa it up soon enough”,  so they take each other out sometimes.  And deadly wrecks as we/ We all remember  this can happen as it did to the driver who really still has my heart, the late  Dale Earnhardt Sr # 3 – “The intimidator”.   So I get wrecks. I understand it.   I get not being able to whoa your car up soon enough coming into a corner with a 24% embankment that sends cars up into the  walls and thankfully safety barriers.  That’s racing.  I get it.  I’ve been a fan most of my life.

What happened Friday with K Bush wrecking Ron  Hornaday the # 33  in the Truck series was wrong. So extremely wrong!   It was not just racing,  it wasnot just Boys having at it”.  It was revenge.  K Bush has had a long running, not so healthy, need to avenge himself against Kevin Harvick.   Because of so-called infractions that K Bush apparently feels have been lobbied against him by Kevin Harvick, Delana Harvick, ( Kevin’s business partner and wife)  RICHARD CHILDRESS RACING (who Ron Hornaday and Kevin Harvick race for),  and Harvick’s three separate Nascar racing teams. 

 I may be bias. I definitely do not see eye to eye with K Bush.  There is no denying in my mind that what K Bush did in taking Ron Hornaday out in the 13th lap Friday was cheap, cheeky, cowardly,  and so wrong on so many levels. It was a flagrant foul. He should be black flagged from the rest of the season, not parked for one weekend.  K Bush had been warned by Nascar before about him and Harvick handling things on the track.  You may be asking what does Kevin Harvick have to do with K Bush taking Ron Hornaday out of a race?  Ron Hornday drives for Kevin Harvick Incorporated.  Ron Hornaday was driving the # 33.   K Bush has it out for Kevein Harvick.  He has it out for Delana Harvick too; and because he cannot get to her on the track he tries to use  his wife Samantha to try to do his dirty work off the track. Childish and petty.  And K Bush goes after all of Kevin & Delana Harvick’s driver’s when the mood strikes him. 

  The race Friday at Texas Speedway took out a driver who was doing nothing but racing his race, the track, and  the other drivers.  A driver who was running for the championship of the Truck series.   K Bush was not.   K Bush was racing Kevin Harvick, and only Kevin Harvick…..despite the fact that  Harvick was not even in the #33 truck,  or on the track when this wreck came down.   Crazy? 

 K Bush was parked for the weekend.  He was not allowed to race in the Nationwide Series Saturday, nor the Sprint Cup Series today (Sunday) for which K Bush was running for the championship. He is out of the Chase for the championship now only because he is too far behind in points.

So when you see this, “Are you serious?” look on my face come late Tuesday afternoon if Nascar officials DO NOT take further sanctions against Kyle Bush you’ll know that I believe they made the wrong choice. Kyle Bush needs more than a slap on the wrist this time…..more than being put on probation (warning)……. more than being grounded for one weekend.

I don’t care if it costs him the Chase, the Nascar  Sprint Cup Championship should be held by a driver who is someone who can be looked up too, to have respect for, and to be role  modeled after. A true Champion in all ways.  On the track and off the track.  Champions become ambassadors for the sport. Stock car racing has never been an intentional violent sport. K Bush’s behavior just can not be rewarded. 

But even today my grandson who was a # 18 fan said, “that was just stupid wrong!”

 Apparently my grandson has inherited his passion from me.