How Wonderful to be Wrong!

Yesterday morning I had a most interesting and dynamite thing happen at a doctor’s appointment, one that you just don’t see every day anymore. And because, especially because I have a tendency to slam the medical community when I am struggling with my symptoms and feel I am not being addressed I feel the need to also post about the positive.
Today could not have been more of a distinct difference from what I have experienced the last few years.
First let me preface this with I really do like my pain specialist. She is in her mid 30’s and has just had her first child, a baby girl who I am head over heels in love with.  I know that doctors and patients are not supposed to be friend’s. It has an effect on the Standard of Care which is something that is drummed into physicians in medical school. But we are not friend’s in the sense that we socialize, I think it’s best said that we are friendly with one another with maybe a touch of fondness. When her baby was born I could not wait to give her the book I’d found where she & her husband can record their own narrative of how she was born, and the denim bibs I made for her. Not though until we were wrapping up. I’d never want my gift to have been confused by someone else had they noticed. No looks of impropriety. 
As a brief back ground to save the reader from needing to read further to make sense of this post let me digress a bit:
I’ve had issues in the past and in recent days with the flare up of symptoms that I was not being able to get a handle on. I’ve been trying everything offered and treatments I knew from experiences that have had benefited.
I have chronic cervical spine disease, and chronic muscle spasms that run from mid back up into my head. I also have Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Disease which on its own causes migraines and facial pain.. These cause spiked pain which adds to the chronic pains I wake up with daily but try to handle with life style changes and coping skills. Until this current flare up of all symptoms. Injections into the faucets of my spine in this cervical area which sends steroids directly into the nerves being injected did not help, thirteen weeks of physical therapy three times a week did not help. You get the idea.
Last Monday I had an injection of a popular Steroid, only this was injected into my thigh muscle to become more systemic.  I’ve tried this particular medicine years ago in pill form with no benefit and just an incredible upset stomach for nothing. Live & Learn. That is a lot of what medicine is about. Who knew? This time, this medicine injected started to help. The deep aching pain from the spine inflammation began to ease off. 
I am still dealing with a headache that has become a migraine that nothing is touching. I feel like I am being repeatedly kicked in the back of my head.  I know it’s from the occipital muscles in my head flaring up as well. Knots that are muscles is spasms can be felts by touch and the one thing I know from experience is the one thing that has not been offered could help.  So I asked.
 Pushing the envelope with the clinic and pain doctor I see. No one at this clinic makes a habit out of injecting a steroid into the occipital muscles because it’s tricky, apparently. So much so finding a doctor willing to do it when asked of my pain doctor for referrals there was one. But this doctor refused to do the injections until it had been at least two weeks post steroid injection. I understand and appreciate the concern. I rarely go against doctor recommended when it makes sense.  But when you feel like you are being kicked in the back of the head, and the days have gone far too long being in pain,  having to wait another week seemed impossible. I said as much to my doctor, she understood,  and after I left promptly went about asking the neurologists and neurosurgeon’s in her clinic if any of them had done these particular injections before, and would they for me. Friday afternoon she phoned me to say that one of the neurologists in the clinic would do them for me Monday morning.
How awesome is that? Not only did my doctor listen to what I was telling her about a treatment that worked for me many times before,  she followed through to find someone to provide this treatment. But wait… it gets better.
Monday morning comes. I am in the neurologists waiting room – waiting. I am reading my book and waiting patiently. Waiting,.. seeing that the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter….
 Then I hear someone at the door, set my book down expecting to find the neurologists who I know. I have seen this man several times and am thinking he’s an okay guy.  To see me on short notice for a treatment he rarely uses was huge in my eyes. 
But instead of him being at the door it was my pain doctor. She stuck her head in just to say Hi! To tell me that she is coming in to learn how to do these injections from the neurologists. I was extremely touched.
So in fact a few minutes later both of them come in to the room and the neurologist takes a few minutes to point out with my help which trigger points were so tender and flaming up. My pain doctor uses her fingers to feel, she too finds the points. Then the neurologist starts the injections on my right side. As he is going about this procedure he explains what he is doing not only to my pain doctor but to me as well. To make certain that I am in agreement we’re talking on the same page.
I was so touched that my pain doctor did this. When I asked her what prompted her to decide to take the time away from her clinic that day, her patients to come in and watch and learn. For the most part I see physicians as being men and women who would just as soon I never question a thing. That because they are MD’s they are God like.
I was wrong yesterday. I hope to be wrong again.


4 thoughts on “How Wonderful to be Wrong!


    Love looking at old posts. This day is so so way behind you now… And look how you are now 🙂

    • It us truly been the time of my life Noeleen, From 2010 when I began this journey i have sought out strong women like you to help keep me lifted and to remind me that we are never alone,
      You reading this old post was a gift to me, I have not remained mindful of where I came from, and need to. I think maybe I have been feeling a little too sure of myself. .Thank you kind lady for reminding me of this too, I love that about blogging sisters.

      Thank you! Thank you!

  2. AWESOME! I take back my doubts and reaffirm my initial feelings about your PM when we first met. Negativity was NOT my initial impression, but subsequent information made me skeptical. I am so happy for you!

    • . Could things get any screwier with this situation? Seriously. Thank so much for your input my friend. Without I would think I am losing it regarding this conundrum. Like you just happy she went the extra yards
      Thanks so much for being there bestie!

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