Archive | October 29, 2011

More Autumn Greetings 2011~ Hand Crafted

Thankful For ~ (inside of card; For Turkey Time)

This card was really fun for me as it kind of showcases my color likes and love for the funky feel of the 30’s & 40’s in terms of patterns &  decor.  The image was one that I liked for the way it off set from the period feel of the color combos and patterns. Including the flowers.

Inside Sentiment Panel for “Thankful For.”  I rarely even memorialize the inside panels of my cards, but I liked the silliness of this inside sentiment after the serious feel of the front focal piece.

Bird Out On a Limb ~

Enjoy ~

This and the next card are very similar in style and colors.  I often do this when I am trying to utilize all of the materials I have in front of me from a project.  Even sometimes as little as making bookmarks.  The border came to me from plain white cardstock as part of a gift swap box of supplies and materials (even a tool ) from my twin/friend in Florida.  What a fun thing to do with each other. To make up swap boxes of items from our stash that we want to share for whatever reasons. . It’s my turn next.

Family ~ Layered Floral.