Oh Baby…….

My sweet first and only bio-granddaughter. My sweet angel who is now 18 years old. I cannot quite believe it let alone accept it. My sweet little model who every photographer wanted a shot of. My gift from God literally. I discovered her little life was beginning the very same week I learned my mother’s was ending. My merciful God knew that to send me this angel would help lessen the pain. And she did. I lost my mom in August and my Sweetpea was born in early Spring.

She’s just a beautiful baby. She’s my heart, she’s my love. She’s my baby even at eighteen years of age, just as she was at eighteen months.

My Little Lady ~

2 thoughts on “Oh Baby…….

  1. My baby girl turns 18 in just a little over a month–December 28. I am a little sad I am not going to be with her on the day she becomes her own person–at least legally because she has been her own woman since the moment she arrived. I understand!

    • Congrats on your little girl’s soon to be 18th birthday. I simply adore how you expressed your daughter’s independence. Watching my grand daughter growing in to the delightful young women she’s become has been a satisfying experience. Nurturing her independence, her creativity and the energy she creates when she walks in to a room has been one of the most humble experiences of my life.

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