Archive | October 27, 2011

Oh Baby…….

My sweet first and only bio-granddaughter. My sweet angel who is now 18 years old. I cannot quite believe it let alone accept it. My sweet little model who every photographer wanted a shot of. My gift from God literally. I discovered her little life was beginning the very same week I learned my mother’s was ending. My merciful God knew that to send me this angel would help lessen the pain. And she did. I lost my mom in August and my Sweetpea was born in early Spring.

She’s just a beautiful baby. She’s my heart, she’s my love. She’s my baby even at eighteen years of age, just as she was at eighteen months.

My Little Lady ~

Some Story Telling

These are a few of the scrapbooking layouts I created in 2009. I’d love to eventually move all my images of my mixed works here in one place. we’ll see. That’s a large chore and I’d rather be writing or actually creating new pieces. So no promises to myself. I am challenged by seeing the progression I’ve made as time goes on. But then maybe I should not be so ready to see what I may be war of.

Hmmm… whose your own worst critic?

  My son and daughter-in-law’s wedding photo in the apple orchard of B. C. ~ 2009

Family Joy ~ 2009 ~ My youngest daughter and her baby. He’s 12 yrs old and over 6′!  His goal?  To be an NBA star of course.

My Bestie in the best place on earth. ~ 2009

Two Sister’s Strike a look a like pose ~ 2009 ~ This is my youngest daughter and step daughter hamming it up.