Archive | October 16, 2011

God Speed Dan Wheldon

Only today because I’ve avoided the TV, and any news for several days I have learned of INDY RACING driver, Dan Wheldon’s tragic death.

I am a race car fan, a racing fan. I love speed on a track or set road race. Bring it on. However this sport like all comes with its dangers, maybe more so than others. I don’t know the statistics. But I do know that I am greatly saddened today along with all of Dan’s other fans. I will not dare to include or intrude my sadness with that of his family’s and friend’s.  I  trust that the racing family will draw with their collective arms around Dan’s family into a comforting embrace. And then hold them tight. The racing family is a tight family, one of the reasons I adore this sport. They take care of their own.

I am so sorry to his family.. ….I’ve enjoyed knowing your beloved Dan as the athlete I watched on TV, and read about in the news and periodicals.  He was and will continue to be a great ambassador for INDY Racing and open wheel racing. As a whole. 

Dan will mightily be missed.

God Speed Dan Wheldon ~ One last time.