Creating Autumn Abundance

Another set of cards created for Autumn. (and others not related to Autumn)

 I like to create cards that are more seasonal than for a particular holiday. A few holiday specific sneak in any way. Autumn is my favorite season, so much so that I greatly dislike using the term “Fall” except for when it’s time for me to recall whether it’s turn (fall ) the clock back, or spring (it) forward. The word Autun invites memories of the deep rich hues and tones that develop when the temperature starts changing. The smell of decaying damp leaves reminds me I’m alive and part of the ever-changing cycle.                        I really do have a thing for Autumn. 

Country Pumpkin ~ what silly fun making up names just to separate my cards with a title. Such power!

Shoe Tie Ribbon ~ What else? Any ideas? I used a paper doily cut in half, then used the doilies natural holes to ‘shoe tie’ the two halves together.

Shoe Tied Ribbon.~

I know, I really am stretching.

A better idea is welcome.

I created this for a friend

who is fighting for her life with

stage four Breast Cancer. The center piece with the pink

ribbon is a magnet she has

the option of removing.

Wicked Creepy Spider~

I love this image and

could hardly wait to use it.

Trick or Treat… or not ~

My first experience with

Geoforms. Pretty cool.

3 thoughts on “Creating Autumn Abundance

  1. Oh… I see the other cards along with the Autumn one. That one with the laced doilies are amazing.Where did you get those doilies? They’re really pretty. Luv the look of the lacing….great job!!! Luv that dotted Halloween ribbon. that’s such a cool pic of the spider! So this is what a Geoform is…loving it!!! You’re building that stach Woman!!!

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