Not Sleeping..on Ambian CR

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Second night with RX sleep med Ambian CR. I am sure that my mind and thoughts are extremely altered. But I am not so altered that I am not able to recognize sleep when it does not come.

I am an Insomniac, and have been for over 45 yrs. Even before I had to add chronic pain, Connective Tissue Disease, Fibromyalgia, Spinal Stenosis, and a Cervical Fusion to my resume Insomnia had long been a running problem in my life. Treatments for all the above health issues always included treatment to help me sleep.  If you are daily in pain, coping becomes paramount to survival. It becomes increasingly impossible to cope when you have not slept for days, weeks, months, or even years. When the coping skills are in the bucket the pain level is in the sky. I am  overwhelmed.

The inability to sleep sounds so alien to many I’m sure. How often have I heard well-meaning tips that I prayed would be the ticket to slumberland.  Just close your eyes, stop fighting it, a mug of warm milk, (may I just say, “YUCK!”) are all meant well.  But have done nothing to get me to Mr Sandman.

So with increasing unmanaged pain and sleep being something that continues to evade me my pain doctor suggests AmbianCR. Okay, it’s been well over 10 yrs so maybe my reaction will be a positive one this time around. God knows I best be doing something because Failure to Sleep CAN KILL.

So back on the Ambian Express I travel.

Second night, same trip.  I am awake and I am “high”on Ambian. What an awful experience.  After the first night of feeling well knocked out;  I thought as I climbed in between my nice cool sheets that sleep was going to be welcomed tonight.  And it was for about  two hours, the broken  mind altered restlessness followed me throughout the night and only bringing unbroken sleep again an  hour or so  before the alarm went off.  (preface this with my timing could be way off as I have no clock in my bedroom. I had to give up hour and minute watching a very long time ago.)

I am beginning to think that living through chemistry is not all it is cracked up to be. My mind is racing as usual but the stock car full, racing with my thoughts tonight feels like they are not my own. They are being altered by some drug,  a drug that should allow you to sleep, not be on some random express of drug induced thinking instead. Kind of weird. Very bizarre experience for certain. It’s kind of like being drunk,  It’s definitely not like sleep.

Very weird, very bizarre.

4 thoughts on “Not Sleeping..on Ambian CR

  1. Baroness – I have run the gamut of many different sleep medications, most of which either didn’t work, worked only for a while, or worked and had terrible side effects. I spent several years on Ambien, but then found myself getting up in the middle of the night, still asleep, and devouring whatever I had in the kitchen. This is called “sleep eating,” and it is a peculiar phenomenon associated with long-term ambien use.

    One night while staying at a friend’s house I devoured the entire leftover beef brisket they were saving for their lunches after Sunday dinner. Another night I actually ate frozen dough. I was unaware of doing this, except for the strange appearance of the “food litter” in my bedroom and the kitchen.

    I had a friend who, while on Ambien, actually drove herself to a bar, drank, and drove herself home & didn’t know it until someone who was there mentioned it to her.

    Ambien was never meant for anything other than short-term use, i.e., about two weeks. It even says that on the drug info packet. But many docs, frustrated with fibro insomnia in their patients, have used it off label.

    I am currently on Rozerem, which I’ve heard CAN have similar effects, but I haven’t experienced it yet. As you know from my insomnia posts on my own blog I was also on Seroquel – something I’ve given up, except for occasional use, because of its impact on blood glucose and cholesterol.

    Ambien is a short-acting drug and does not build up over time the way anti-depressants do. So if you are not getting anything even remotely approaching good sleep from it, it’s not likely that continued use will make it better. Just my 2 cents!

    • Thank you so much Faboulous for hanging with me. I am just heading your way to see how sleep # 10 went, or is it 11?
      I have had myself one eperience that I would call one strange trip from I believe Ambien. I found myself in our bathroom in the middle of the disorientated and could not find my way out. I should have prefaced this with I had the light off,, a trick I use to try not wake fully. Apparently it worked quite well that night.

      I am appreciative of your shared experiences, they help us all. I am happy to say that last night was a winner for me. I took only half of the medicine prescribed. I also took it an hour earlier than I had the other two nights.
      It could be just a fluke, one of those nights when the sandman found his way to my pillow for a change.

      I’m not asking how or why. Just celebrating the actual night of sleep. 5 hours is alot for me, and although I am not feeling as refreshed as I think I should, I do feel better for the 5 hours of sleep.

      Today as I am being thankful for the rest as I woke up this morning I am hearing rain fall. I love to listen to it rain and since I live in a high desert rain is a glistening strings of jewels to most here. I cannot deny we need the rain and we need the snow. Somehow though when the barometer changes I feel it. I feel it deep in my muscles and my joints. Anyone know what I mean?

      I believe this must be connected to our central nervous system’s of course, maybe even to the fact that our bodies are made up of such a high % of water. I don’t really know.
      What I do now for certain is when the weather changes like it did during the night and as the storm moves in & the barometer drops, my whole body feels like it has the flu, or a really bad cold. Only with out the sinus stuff. Another thing to be thankful for.

      Feels like a “hot soup simmering on the stove” kind of day.

  2. I can empathize. I don’t have a magic sleep wand but I can share what works for me most of the time. If you are open to hearing it. I too got sick of the well meaning but after a while, inane, suggestions.

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