Dr Oz & the word “Disease” did you miss it?

The Dr Oz  show? ….. ahem.. …not one I watch often, only because I don’t watch a lot of TV and rarely ever do I watch day time TV.  So much so had a friend not phoned 5 minutes before  the Dr Oz’s show was to air I would have missed maybe one of the most important pieces of TV journalism and advocacy rolled into one program  I’d seen in a long time.

Did you see it?  Dr Oz’s show this week on chronic pain?  September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month and I must say Dr Oz rose to the occasion.  I for one was pleasantly surprised.  Albeit only less than 30 minutes is hardly enough time to do this topic justice  surprisingly so there was a lot of credible and validating information dispersed in that short time.

One of the most important things as woman who lives daily in pain I heard Dr Oz say was that doctors are just not getting it. Have not been getting it.  He even admitted he was likely to piss off a lot of his colleagues’.  But he also challenges them to take the time to educate themselves.  Would that not be a wonderful time to be alive in our grand USA?  When and where doctors were actually educated on chronic pain as a disease itself in medical school?  Now there is a crazy and brazen idea, yes?   Can you imagine?

I liked what I saw in the first 30 minutes of his show. I didn’t stay around for the rest not only because it no longer seemed focused on CP but because I was not feeling well.   I ironically was hurting from chronic pain.  

If you missed Dr Oz’s show on Living with Chronic Pain, and how the AMA is now ready to term chronic pain as a disease read below.  ( I know…It’s about time don’t you think?)

Please see the links below I’ve tucked in here.

For Dr Oz show below:      

The above link is from the website American Pain Foundation   Homepage:           http://www.ameicanpainfoundation.org.org

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