Archive | September 26, 2011

To Blog or Not To..

Should I start a blog, or should I not?  That has been a question I’ve only just recently begun to answer.

I have been asking myself this question for quite some time now.  I have even started couple a couple of blogs only to later abandon them. I, who am an avid journal keeper and have been since a small child albeit they were called diaries back then, have a hard time with this concept. This platform.

  I wonder if I am alone . Or are there others out there who needed a shot of courage to actually begin?  Are you one of us who needed more courage to start blogging than you started out with?

I was concerned about many things. One of them being by chatty entries I tend to make. Granted there is something I love about dancing a pen filled with a gentle rolling ball point tip, and in the color of blue I adore over a nice feeling piece of paper.. There is also something that I, a paper lover, cherish about a good leather-bound journal with actual linen pages.  Not too surprising coming from someone whose passion’s in life started out early  as paper & office supplies.  But can I transfer this love of writing, story telling, documenting family history, writing like I would on a piece of paper with a pen to typing here on this sterile feeling keyboard? 

And if I can what will the substance be. Will it still be the same reflections into my own soul I often delve into?  Or will it end up  being more of a gossip fest about others just so I can avoid writing.. ahem.. excuse me.. blogging about what is really important to me?  Can I actually write about personal dilemmas  in my own life as I would in my personal journal?   Can I use real names?  Real issues, real problems needing real solutions?

It’s a great thing to be able to say that drama rarely interests me.  Gossiping is not something I  tend to do.  Spending time dwelling on others trials and tribulations never did seem a worthy way of spending my time. I have so much I’d rather be doing, reading, talking about,  Or using the time to use my hands to create. I am just not much into wasting my time on gossip of any kind. So then my next question for myself is will I really be able to find content and subject matter that is not only worthy of writing about, but more importantly will it be worthy of reading?  Inquiring minds want to know.  This inquiring mind wants to know.

I’ve written several posts so far and have only decided recently that I do want to encourage readership.  I had  not been so sure.  Starting out I just opted not to  worry about it,  keeping all my posts private.  It takes some courage folks to put your wild & maybe wicked random thoughts out here to be tossed around.  And without being able to defend each piece at the time it’s being read.  Only later, and only if the reader leaves a comment.

 After mulling this over for months;  after at last jumping off the fence about starting, about writing  here finally.   I then deciding if I’d make the plunge into blogging than why not to the world?  I am even electing to make many, if not most, of my posts public.

Maybe it’s that word ‘Publish’ that is just so enticing to the ego.  Maybe? 

What do you think?   What are you on the fence about over blogging?

 A little bit of courage can go a long way.