Post Cervical Faucet Injections C 3-4 to C 4- 5

My Totem Today

Peaceful Feelings needing to come over me~

After an anxious night, a nervous morning, waiting one whole hour just sitting on a hospital gurney waiting to go back to the surgical wing I was finally home. The whole procedure took less than 15 minutes so why the whole hour of just sitting? It would have taken the nurses less than 5 minutes to prep me for this, so just sitting like that led to more anxiety.

I was really still drugged up quiet a bit when I came home. My neck was not  too sore immediately as the local was still working.  Later was a different story. I had some coffee hoping it would help the headache I went in with and seemed to be a bit more intense when I came home. Coffee & toast and then my bed. I slept the whole day and early evening away. I felt really sedated  and the best thing seemed sleep.

Upon waking I knew that I had full feeling back from my pain level spiking higher than it had been even before the procedure. Pain medication and some food seemed to calm it down to a tolerable level but I still hurt. I slept off and on during the night feeling as more time went on the stiffness and soreness in my neck muscles coming on even more so. Is this going to work? Or is it going to be a bust? Who knows?

This morning I wake up feeling less sedated but still exhausted like I’d not just slept the last 20 hours away. So typical of Fibromyalgia. And I am sore. Really more sore than yesterday. I am not concerned as my cervical spine just took a beating from a needle and the trauma to the muscles was to be expected. Comes with this whole thing. It will be interesting to see how the day progresses. We have an event tonight that I know my dear husband is counting on so I’ll have to pull up my big girl britches and suck it up if I am not feeling 100% I don’t want this to lead to disappointment.

My hope is that these injections were deep enough and in the right spots. That the steroids start doing their job in a few day and take away the deep ache in my L arm, shoulder & the back of my neck and head. I am praying that the headaches, the vague feeling of numbness and the tingling go away, that the deep aching pain that feels like it goes to joints and my bones finally is relieved again. I am so wanting to avoid ay kind of invasive surgery so this has to help.

I’m tired of pain ruling my life once again so strongly. I have things to do, people to see and cannot do any of it when I laid up and isolating because I hurt so damn much. If you’re reading this please send good energy and lots of prayerful thoughts my way. I am willing to humble myself to ask for all kinds of help, from all kinds of sources.

Tomorrow please bring fewer symptoms, and by the late weekend let the drugs start  doing their job. By two weeks I will have peak performance with the steroids and will truly see how effective this procedure was for me.

I have faith. I can Imagine a world where there is no pain. How about you?


©tjhelser 2011

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