Archive | August 1, 2011

Touched By a Little Girl’s Death

For three years now we have watched and kept track of the Casey Anthony case from 2008. This time 3 yrs ago we were all hoping against odds that this precious little girl who touched our lives would be brought home safe to her grandparents. That the woman who gave birth to her would really not be the woman we were all so afraid we were seeing. A woman who could either kill her child or let something happen to her so awful that the accusations against herself are worth the risk of a death penalty.  

Sadly though Lady Justice has a blind fold on. “Innocence” is not the same as “not guilty” We did not get this precious little back home, her biological mother did allow something awful to happen to her, and we’ll never know the truth. But the worst of worst is that Caylee Marie Anthony will never have justice.

This little girl who so touched my life. I could not miss a thing about her missing, heard and read every thing possible concerning Casey, and in my heart knew all along that Casey is culpable is some way of her daughter’s death.

This is the thing that really gets me. We are healing and recovering from Caylee’s death, but like her whole life Casey has no consequences, getting away literally with murder, has no reason to own anything she’s done because our justice system is not requiring it of her. Just as she was never required to in her family. We all heard through her jail house visits and phone calls home who ran the show in that family. Who bullied her own parents? The bummer concerning the trial is that the jury does not know all that we’ve been privy to.

Yep! Casey gets away with it. She’ll have a Beautiful Life and her parents will forgive her and take her back into the fold. The usual question which follows is What worse can happen?

It’s happened.