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Come on Sandman, Don’t fail me now!

Needing Some Caffiene.

Who Slept?


Wide awake, in the middle of the night, in the early morning. Again.

I have had an insomnia issue related to the illnesses I have. Having chronic pain being a huge part of my life does not bode well for sleep either. So I am never sure which it is, or is it a combo of the two causing me to not sleep. I get a tease every now and then and sleep for several days even weeks in a row, albeit only 4 -6 hours per night but so much better than 0-2 hours If I am lucky.

I am tired all the time, part of this is due to the two illnesses I have. But not sleeping leaves me feeling irritable, frustrated, and even angry. Why on some nights is sleep not elusive at all?  Other nights, most often, sleep eludes me for most of the night if not all.

I need to have a consistent sleep pattern. Why does the Sandman seem to skip me in  his rounds? There is no answer, may never be one.

Is it just enough that I recognize that this is who I am?  Is it enough that I know part of my weight problem is coming from lack of sleep?

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Nascar Passion~ Spread the Speed…ahem… Love~

That's MY Driver!! Or I Should say That's My Driver's Number!

Happy Harvick Rocks in his Ride!

 One of my passions and my only real professional sports passions happens to be  NASCAR RACING. I love it! I love the family feel the entire sport has, the feeling that we’re all in this sport together and because we love the sport so much that we will all rally around it to protect it.

I also love this sport because I LOVE SPEED! I love to watch the cars with their drivers banging each other around trying to claim more real estate on the track, kissing  each other’s car’s with paint around the corners going three wide, the thrill of the vibrations soaring though my body every time I hear those pipes as the cars rear up and howl past me.

It’s my sport.

I love my driver. I love my husband’s driver. I even love to hate the driver who most infuriates me, who would be a young and arrogant driver by the name of Kyle Bush. He is an incredibly talented driver who ruin his popularity chances because of his attitude. And I must note here to just for transparency that Bush and my driver Happy Harvick have a healthy rivalry going on.

 Kevin Harvick and his wife Delana Harvick have my heart, Their souls are married to each other and to this sport. Kevin  is who is often referred to as Happy Harvick, because rarely do you not see a smile adorning his handsome face. He also is referred to as The Closer. Because out of no where he suddenly shows in the last laps and closes in on the lead and just in time before that checkered flag comes down he takes over the leader and rushes past, leaving the guy in his dust wondering “where in the hell did Harvick come from?” Kevin has led the least laps in this years series but has 3 wins so far.

I also seem to have become quite smitten with Harvick’s  wife and partner in all crimes, Delanna. Let me tell you this woman may be the most intelligent with track smarts ever to enter a track.  And she’s a woman!! Unheard  of in the past. Today she is part Nascar’s bright future.  She runs KHI ie:  Kevin Harvick Incorporated with Kevin and they have stables (teams)  in two of the series in Nascar, Nationwide, and Truck. And mind you they are doing quite well in both. They both have savvy business senses and between the two of them we will be hearing BOTH of their names for a long time to come.

Jeff Gordon #24. What can I say about this darling of Nascar? He is my husband’s driver. Has been since Jeff came to Nascar which seems like yesterday, and yet seems so long ago as well.  Jeff was around and winning races by the Old Rule standards. So he has seen the Chase come into the sport which was only vaguely tolerated in the begining,  until finally it’s is this sport’s Supr Bowl every year. But for us in Nascar we know it’s not just ONE weekend that resolves who our 2011 champ will be.

We,  Nascar devotees know it’s all about the 10 RACES IN THE CHASE.

 10 weekends!!   That is how we learn who is the best in 2011.

This is how we rock n roll…..

Touched By a Little Girl’s Death

For three years now we have watched and kept track of the Casey Anthony case from 2008. This time 3 yrs ago we were all hoping against odds that this precious little girl who touched our lives would be brought home safe to her grandparents. That the woman who gave birth to her would really not be the woman we were all so afraid we were seeing. A woman who could either kill her child or let something happen to her so awful that the accusations against herself are worth the risk of a death penalty.  

Sadly though Lady Justice has a blind fold on. “Innocence” is not the same as “not guilty” We did not get this precious little back home, her biological mother did allow something awful to happen to her, and we’ll never know the truth. But the worst of worst is that Caylee Marie Anthony will never have justice.

This little girl who so touched my life. I could not miss a thing about her missing, heard and read every thing possible concerning Casey, and in my heart knew all along that Casey is culpable is some way of her daughter’s death.

This is the thing that really gets me. We are healing and recovering from Caylee’s death, but like her whole life Casey has no consequences, getting away literally with murder, has no reason to own anything she’s done because our justice system is not requiring it of her. Just as she was never required to in her family. We all heard through her jail house visits and phone calls home who ran the show in that family. Who bullied her own parents? The bummer concerning the trial is that the jury does not know all that we’ve been privy to.

Yep! Casey gets away with it. She’ll have a Beautiful Life and her parents will forgive her and take her back into the fold. The usual question which follows is What worse can happen?

It’s happened.