Another ONE Gone-M=Remembrace

Another one.  Another day.  Just like the others but so different in many ways. 

Losing a friend who has been the epitome of what life should be lived like is never easy. Add to the situation that she leaves behind a daughter who is very ill. It’s not an easy thing to be reminded of. Another time. Another mom. Another one lost to God’s heavens.

But for just a short while before we all will join them.

On another day.

My Red Hat M & M Mountain Momma sister Jeannie F.  She will soar forever in my heart. My Mae West who lit up a room when she walked in. Turned heads despite she was in her late 60’s.  She would cause men to drop what they were doing just to watch her pass by with her blonde hair and big brassy smile. And her delightfully flirty swagger. That she had no clue about.

I will hold you close to my heart forever my darling momma Jeanie~

(wrote May 20, 2011 – just too painful then to make it public)

©ttaylor 2012

2 thoughts on “Another ONE Gone-M=Remembrace

  1. Do you know, I have never lost someone close to my heart. It is a fact, only Daniel – ONLY Daniel is close to my heart so much that it would feel a wound if he were ripped away from this world. So to this, that they mattered to you – I know it’s past, but, well, hope you are okay now.

    • It still is very much tender Noeleen, thank you sweetie. This woman I know you would have loved. She was just stunning about everything she did. Include loving. She loved even harder than I do.

      She had a brain tumor for over 20 yrs that left her alone. Then in 6 months…

      You hold that baby ,.. oops (sorry Daniel) that kid,hold him as close as he will let you at his age.. never forget to tell him you love him, and he’ll know the importance of what youa’re doing. Even when he is just being a moody teen.
      And trust taht you are a Rock Star mom! I just thought you should be reminded ~

      Take care my precious friend ~ BB

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