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Anticipating a New Art Room….

Packing up my art supplies and moving on.  Packing and moving our home to a new one means I will finally have the art room of my dreams. One that alone is just for me to create in, to find solitude with my papers, my ribbons, my stamps, and some glue.

I have been anticipating this move since we found the house. Maybe even before. I have had a room but it comes with trappings. Trappings of other stuff that has no relationship to my creative wings, trappings of  things that are not mine. This new room will be just mine and will become a sanctuary where I can work with zero guilts and is conducive to a creative environment.

The anticipation comes from the ideas I have about decorating the room, organizing it so it”s a pleasant room to be in and yet is set up for work stations. I am even anticipating what to call this room. I have had some suggestions I like; Studio in French, but it’s Studio’  Scrap room in French is La petit creer. A bit pompous sounding. Then I was given the idea of solitude, solace (which I kind of like) so I am still anticipating the room being named.

Did I say that I cannot wait?